Who we are

We are a diverse team of scientists, developers and data people from academia and industry.

Martin Preusse

Kaiser & Preusse

PhD in computational biology, Neo4j expert, Founder of Kaiser & Preusse.

Dr. Alexander Jarasch

German Center for Diabetes Research

Bioinformatician, data head of data & knowledge management at German Center for Diabetes Research, working with graph technology. In this project he connects scientists from basic and clinical research with our Covid-19 knowledge graph.

Working at German Center for Diabetes Research as IT-cook-general. In this project Tim is developing and coordinating the data import pipeline.

Sebastian Müller


Working at yWorks on custom visualization solutions with yFiles. In this project, Sebastian is working on a prototype application for conveniently browsing the network of Covid19-related papers and publications.

Jamie Munro

Munro Consulting

Jamie is a seasoned IT Director and consultant who has worked in both the private and public sectors, spending nearly a decade with the Human Tissue Authority where he set up national licensing and reporting platforms. Now working as a freelance consultant offering strategy, project management and documentation services. Currently helping the CovidGraph Project with governance, issue tracking and general documentation. He also actively supports The Aurora Project and The Clean Earth Trust charities.

Axel Morgner


Physicist, software developer and architect, founder and CEO of Structr. Graph enthusiast, Neo4j Ambassador. Helps with building the website covidgraph.org.

Anke Pachauer


Anke is a marketing and PR professional who supports companies and entrepreneurs with her individual internal and public appearance. Her qualifications are based on a broad spectrum of experience she has gained in the automotive, IT, business and personal coaching industries as well as through her teaching activities at various universities in Germany.

Alexander Erdl


Alexander works at Neo4j as Senior Marketing Manager for EMEA. After completing university and a few internships throughout Europe, he took a job at Logitech, where he worked for a few years before joining Neo4j. During his time at Logitech, Alexander became very passionate about new technology and software, and felt that joining Neo4j was the logical next step.
In his free time, Alexander likes cooking and enjoys playing video games.

Claudia Remlinger


Claudia Remlinger has been heading Neo4j EMEA Marketing since 2014. When the CovidGraph Project came to life in early 2020 she offered her skills to drive the use of this amazing platform forward. "It's fun to join with so many known friends from the Neo4j community on CovidGraph, while supporting this worthwhile cause for humanity."

Alvin Blewitt


Alvin is an I.T. Consultant/Software Engineer at PRODYNA UK. He is happiest building and organising things. He has over 15 years experience building applications of all shapes and sizes. He is a Neo4j Certified Professional.

Stefan Armbruster


Stefan works for Neo4j since 2012 and has a 20+ years background as a developer and consultant.

When not coding, is a volunteer firefighter at the local fire department, acting as team lead and instructor. He also enjoys cycling. He's all geek and loves technology, good food, red wines and always on the hunt for the perfect espresso.

Lea Gütebier

Lea is studying Biomathematics at the University of Greifswald and currenty working on her master's thesis. In this project she aims to extend the knowledge graph with computational models and simulation descriptions of biological systems.

Jakob Laenge


Computer Scientist, working at Structr GmbH as a software developer on Knowledge Graphs, Recommender Systems and CMS. In this project Jakob is developing an application on top of the covidgraph database.

Darko Križić


Founding member of PRODYNA. In his position as Chief Technical Officer, he constitutes the bridge from Software Development to highly available operation of critical applications to strategic management consultancy.

Dr. Juliane Zimmermann


PhD in Biophysics, Requirements Engineer and Test Specialist at Qnit. In this project, she supports in determining relevant use cases and mediating between developers and scientists.

Thorsten Liebig


Thorsten is co-founder and CEO of derivo. The team behind derivo is facing the challenges of more and more complex data pools with a semantic management of graph data and new kinds of visualization methods.

Jean Villedieu


Jean is the co-founder and head of sales at Linkurious. He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies to help them find insights in complex connected data. Previously he worked in the consulting industry on R&D projects and in sales. Jean double-majored in both political science and competitive intelligence.

Davide Mottin

Aarhus University

Davide Mottin is an Assistant Professor at Aarhus University. His research focuses on graph exploration, which lays on the broad areas of database, data mining, and machine learning. His methods apply to the retrieval of relevant statistics from the knowledge graph.

Alexander Malić

360° agile data engineering (Strategy, Architecture, Infrastructure, and Methods)

Kirsten Langendorf


Works for S-cubed since 2017 and has a 20+ years experience in the pharmaceutical industry using her math and computer science skills. At S-cubed she is part of the team writing requirements, designing and testing the A3 Suite which is a graph-based tool to manage metadata for clinical trials. Helps covidgraph to extend the graph with data from clinical trials.